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Miami Beach Summer Lifestyle
A guide to Miami Beach Day & Greater Miami Night life:

There’s a heat wave sweeping the country this summer, however, Miami Beach Real Estate owners & visitors and residents have many advantages to beat the heat and still enjoy all that summer has to offer! Miami Beach Residents have a lifestyle that offers a taste of the Caribbean right in their backyards. The tropical weather, combined with exotic and cultural mix of people, enticing cuisine, amazing beaches, cool ocean breezes and nightlife offer residents and vacationers from all over the world a variety of day and night-time activities to explore without being forced to escape from or succumb to scorching temperatures.

Specifically, many of the Miami Beach condo owners in Miami Beach's South of Fifth Neighborhood can still get out and enjoy amazing events and places like the many water-themed escapades. Miami Spice, a restaurant promotion of fine Miami cuisine from celebrated chefs; High Bar a new roof-top lounge the Tudor House in South Beach, a Marc Anthony concert, Miami Spa Month, Miami Salsa Congress and a list of other great outings. Click here to see what’s up this month and indulge in the Miami lifestyle.

Miami Beach Lifestyle Events

Cirque Eloiza iD in collaboration with Cirque de Soleil begins July 26th to August 7th on the stage of the Ziff Ballet Opera House at Adrienne Arsht Center (1300 Biscayne Boulevard) More Information:

Miami Beach Summer Events

Miami Spa Month began July 1st but will run through August 31st . Miami Beach residents and condo owners can check out the great deals on local spa packages and treatments:

Miami Beach Spas

Miami Spice 2011 starts August 1st to September 30 and offers affordable dining options and special three-course, prix-fixe meals at participating restaurants. Almost all of the Miami Beach condominium and homeowners I know take advantage of the fantastic gourmet menus offered at the best local restaurants!

Miami Beach Spice

Miami Salsa Congress is a five day music and dance festival begins August 3rd-7th at Fontainebleau Condos & Hotel in Miami Beach

Miami Beach Salsa

The Five Best Restaurants in Miami Beach by the Miami New Times:

The Miami New Times dishes on its selection of the top Miami Beach restaurants. Pubelly (1418 20th St was chosen as the number one pick for the Best of Miami 2011 edition but the Times also chose 5 top restaurants in Miami Beach that tantalizes the palate. Click here for the post:

1.The Royal at The Raleigh Hotel 1775 Collins Ave
2.AltaMare 1233 Lincoln Rd
3.The Cafe at Books & Books 927 Lincoln Rd
4.Sardinia Ristorante 1801 Purdy Ave
5.Macaluso's Italian Cuisine -1747 Alton Rd


Looking for those special deals in Miami and Miami Beach? Check out or


1.Cirque Eloiza iD Jul 28 Adrienne Arsht Center
2.Tech N9ne July 29 The Culture Room
3.Selena Gomez July 28 @ 7pm Count de Hoernle Amphitheater
4.Ke$ha August 7 @ 7:30pm Bayfront Park Amphitheater
5.Maroon 5 August 30 @ 7pm Cruzan Amphitheater
6.Marc Anthony September 16 @ 8pm American Airlines Arena


Tags:  South Beach Condos, South of Fifth, Continuum South Beach Condos, miami beach condos, Murano Miami Beach Condo

Many Miami Beach condo buyers we encounter in the real estate buying process often labor under several misconceptions, which could be called myths. Below are a few of what I've found to be the most common:

1. We are looking for "a below market deal / distressed sale". The longer the condo is on the market, the more willing the Miami Beach condo seller will be to negotiate a bargain price.

The Miami Beach waterfront condo market has gotten a considerable boost from a very active first half of the year. This type of waterfront condo and luxury real estate sales momentum has not been seen since the market heights of 2006. Especially in premier waterfront condo buildings, such as The Continuum on South Beach, continue to set remarkable sales records! Recent myth-busting impressive sales, and diminishing supply, for oceanfront condos and waterfront homes is on a steady and stable rise - dissolving the above stated Buyer misconceptions. Especially in Miami Beach's South of Fifth neighborhood, the latest luxury condo sales momentum has led to a greatly diminished supply of available waterfront condo inventory. As you can be seen at the the very bottom of this article, the past 90 days of South Pointe area condo sales at The Continuum (North and South Towers), Apogee, The Murano at Portofino, The Portofino Tower, and The South Pointe Tower average 90% of asking prices.

2. If my offer is accepted right away, the offer was too high; in this Buyer's market, I don't have to negotiate, the Miami Beach condo seller does.

Location & architectural uniqueness are a few of the key determining factors in recent buyers decisions to purchase. As illustrated by the most recent Miami Beach condo sales at the aforementioned Continuum Miami Beach, Apogee, and The Murano at Portofino. The underlying reason for the recent price APPRECIATION and diminishing supply (at reduced price points) is that there will be NO further waterfront condo development in South Beach. Given the scarcity of waterfront land, as well as The City of Miami Beach's strict development regulations / restrictions, this puts a PERMANENT bottleneck on future condo building development & supply. This also represents a strong upside for future Miami Beach waterfront real estate market appreciation.

Even an older "B" caliber South Beach condo building - The South Pointe Tower, due to its amazing location South of Fifth Street (behind South Pointe Park and facing Fisher Island) – has witnessed incredible sales momentum in the past year! The South Pointe Tower was completed in 1981, and is next door to The Continuum on South Beach - which offers twelve incredible oceanfront acres at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach. This as the equivalent of living next to an Oceanfront resort, and has features and a location that CANNOT be reproduced. This is why specific ultra-luxury waterfront condo buildings such as The Continuum, Apogee, and The Murano at Portofino have had recent sales approaching $1,600/S.F., with unprecedented Buyer demand (from mostly high net worth Foreign Buyers).

As real estate sales professionals, it's our duty to get the best possible price for our clients. As part of this process, when working with qualified Buyers, this involves educating a Miami Beach condo buyer and setting realistic expectations as to what is a "good deal".

South Beach Condos South of Fifth

Miami Beach Condos- Ninety Days Closed Sales
Closing DateMiami Beach Condo List Price Living Area LP$/SqFt Sales Price SP$/LP$
7/14/2011SOUTH POINTE TOWER COND I $ 779,900 1,279 $ 610 $ 772,500 99.051
7/8/2011CONTINUUM II $ 3,500,000 2,173 $ 1,611 $ 3,500,000 100
7/8/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS $ 1,690,000 2,340 $ 722 $ 1,625,000 96.154
7/6/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER $ 1,595,000 1,698 $ 939 $ 1,400,000 87.774
7/5/2011SOUTH POINTE TOWER $ 850,000 1,165 $ 730 $ 825,000 97.059
6/30/2011Continuum on South Beach $ 1,550,000 1,698 $ 913 $ 1,450,000 93.548
6/30/2011Continuum on South Beach $ 3,750,000 2,508 $ 1,495 $ 3,400,000 90.667
6/30/2011CONTINUUM SOUTH TOWER $ 2,250,000 2,122 $ 1,060 $ 2,122,000 94.311
6/28/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS $ 2,275,000 2,040 $ 1,115 $ 1,750,000 76.923
6/27/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH $ 2,005,000 1,698 $ 1,181 $ 1,700,000 84.788
6/27/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH $ 4,431,000 3,017 $ 1,469 $ 3,850,000 86.888
6/27/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER $ 3,999,999 2,621 $ 1,526 $ 3,836,000 95.9
6/22/2011Continuum North Tower $ 699,000 640 $ 1,092 $ 675,000 96.567
6/21/2011Murano at Prtofino $ 2,399,000 2,618 $ 916 $ 2,215,000 92.33
6/20/2011APOGEE CONDO $ 7,990,000 4,154 $ 1,923 $ 7,350,000 91.99
6/16/2011South Pointe Tower $ 725,000 1,559 $ 465 $ 700,000 96.552
6/13/2011CONTINUUM SOUTH BEACH $ 1,490,000 1,591 $ 937 $ 1,379,000 92.55
6/10/2011Continuum South Tower $ 3,850,000 2,508 $ 1,535 $ 3,800,000 98.701
6/6/2011PORTOFINO TOWER $ 1,250,000 2,340 $ 534 $ 950,000 76
6/6/2011Apogee $ 5,400,000 2,756 $ 1,959 $ 4,900,000 90.741
6/2/2011continuum $ 5,299,000 3,017 $ 1,756 $ 5,050,000 95.301
6/2/2011South Pointe Towers $ 675,000 1,169 $ 577 $ 565,500 83.778
6/2/2011MURANO AT PORTOFINO $ 1,090,000 1,791 $ 609 $ 935,000 85.78
5/26/2011Murano At Portofino $ 3,800,000 3,365 $ 1,129 $ 3,500,000 92.105
5/24/2011PORTOFINO TOWER $ 699,000 1,090 $ 641 $ 655,000 93.705
5/18/2011PORTOFINO $ 1,295,000 2,340 $ 553 $ 1,188,000 91.737
5/18/2011SOUTH POINTE TOWER $ 700,000 1,042 $ 672 $ 680,000 97.143
5/17/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER $ 4,500,000 3,017 $ 1,492 $ 4,050,000 90
5/17/2011SOUTH POINTE TOWER $ 990,000 1,559 $ 635 $ 926,000 93.535
5/16/2011Continuum On South Beach $ 1,345,000 1,491 $ 902 $ 1,300,000 96.654
5/10/2011Continuum South Beach $ 4,500,000 2,954 $ 1,523 $ 4,000,000 88.889
5/10/2011Continuum South Tower $13,500,000 6,438 $ 2,097 $ 10,576,000 78.341
5/9/2011MURANO AT PORTOFINO $ 2,550,000 2,618 $ 974 $ 2,400,000 94.118
5/3/2011Continuum North Tower $ 7,900,000 5,300 $ 1,491 $ 6,500,000 82.278
5/3/2011SOUTH POINTE TOWER $ 575,000 858 $ 670 $ 550,000 95.652
4/30/2011continuum on south beach $ 2,995,000 2,292 $ 1,307 $ 2,850,000 95.159
4/29/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS $ 1,599,000 2,040 $ 784 $ 1,480,000 92.558
4/29/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS $ 1,275,000 2,040 $ 625 $ 1,100,000 86.275
4/28/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH $ 1,100,000 1,365 $ 806 $ 1,100,000 100
4/28/2011Murano at Portofino $ 2,895,000 2,618 $ 1,106 $ 2,200,000 75.993
4/26/2011Murano at Portofino $ 1,395,000 1,407 $ 991 $ 1,250,000 89.606
4/25/2011The Continuum $ 1,425,000 2,072 $ 688 $ 1,425,000 100
Average List Price to Sales Price:90%


Tags:  miami beach condos, Miami Beach Real Estate, Miami Beach Summer Attractions, Miami Beach Living

A Summer's Guide for Miami Beach Living

When you live in a city like Miami Beach, you're always right in the midst of an exciting escapade. Miami Beach residents and homeowners always have plenty of summer attractions to explore like snorkeling, parasailing, or simply tanning on the beach; discovering and enjoying Miami Beach outdoor events like parks, shopping, sightseeing, bike-riding, roller-skating and much more. With so many things to choose from, it's easy for Miami Beach residents to find somewhere to go and something to do for the entire family all summer long. Below is a list of places, events and attractions for Miami Beach visitors and homeowners to enjoy:

Miami Beach Condos

Miami Beach Summer Attractions

Miami Beach Cinematheque (1130 Washington Avenue) A wide variety of Film screening and festivals, not available in theaters, that you'll only find on Miami Beach.
Miami Beach Cinema

Want healthy, natural and nutritious eating on Miami Beach? Sunlight Miami Cafe Restaurant (1211 Lincoln Road) specializes in ONLY natural and organic foods.
Miami Beach Sunlight Cafe

Miami Beach Water Adventures For water lover's, this incredible sun & surf adventure in Miami Beach is a must. Enjoy a Jet-Ski or Boat Trip, Paddle-boarding, Knee-boarding, Wake-boarding, or Water Skiing. Call Now

Miami Beach Water Adventures

Kid-Robot Miami Beach (638 Collins Avenue) is a one of a kind retailer of exclusive and limited edition art toys and apparel. Get cool gifts, and artistic items for children…and adults who are young at heart.

Kid Robot miami beach

Ready to get back to nature and relax in a lush tropical oasis on the beach? Miami Beach Botanical Garden (2000 Convention Center Drive) is 4-1/2 acres to enjoy walking tours, view tropical plants, take gardening classes, see cultural acts and the observe the Japanese Garden. Be sure to sign the "autograph tree." filled with signatures of visiting stars.

Miami BeachGardens

Want to end day and start the night at one of the most ultra luxurious spots on Miami Beach? The place where celebrities, models and musicians party? Look no further than the signature Glow Bar at the Fontainebleau (4441 Collins Avenue). Dress to Impress because Miami Beach best nightclubs LIV and Arkadia are also at this

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Condos

Other Miami & Miami Beach Summer Highlights


1. Sade with John Legend: Jul 16, American Airlines Arena @8pm

2. Justin Beiber: July 7, Miami @

3. Rihanna with Ceelo: July 14, Bank Atlantic Center @8pm

4. Stephen Marley: July 24, the Culture Room

5. Cirque Du Soleil Alegria: Jul 19, Bank Atlantic Center

6. Britney Spears: Jul 22, American Airlines Arena @6pm

7. Motley Crue: Jul 5, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and

8. Tech N9ne: July 29, The Culture

9. Selena Gomez: July 28, Count de Hoernle Amphitheater

10. Natasha Bedingfield: July 16, The Culture Room


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