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Miami Beach Condos

A quick summary of what's been happening in Miami Beach's condo market in 2011, especially for the premier waterfront luxury condo buildings built after 2001:

Over the past six months, the available Miami Beach condo inventory has drastically declined. As indicated in a recent Miami Herald Article (click for details), high net worth foreign & mostly cash buyers have been taking advantage of recent Miami Beach Real Estate price corrections by spending over $3 BILLION on SE Florida Real Estate in 2011. As a result, we've seen a dramatic drop in Miami Beach's condo listing inventory. Given the lack of (a.k.a. NONE LEFT) waterfront land, the existing Art Deco architectural protections and building restrictions, as well as highly restrictive regulatory and construction codes- the future supply of premier waterfront condos in Miami Beach will continue to be very limited.

Especially noteworthy for Miami Beach are the high $/Sq.Ft. closed sales prices in premier waterfront condo buildings such as The Setai, The Continuum on South Beach, Apogee South Beach, and the W Hotel/Condo Residences. The highest priced sale (in terms of $/Sq. Ft) for Miami Beach condos in 2011 were the following:

The Setai Miami Beach Penthouse Penthouse A for a staggering $3,463 /Sq.Ft. ($21,500,000)
The Continuum North Tower Condo #2101 for $1,674 /Sq.Ft. ($5,050,000)
Apogee Miami Beach Condo #1603 for $2,177 /Sq.Ft. (6,000,000)
The W Condo/Hotel Residence Upper Penthouse #3 for $2,142 / Sq.Ft. ($5,200,000)

Below are the past six months Sales Statistics for Miami Beach Luxury Condos (South Beach zip code 33139):

Miami Beach Luxury Condos- Last Six Months Closed Sales
Closing DateMiami Beach Condo Building Living Area Sales Price SP$/SqFt
12/21/2011Continuum on South Beach2,985 $3,300,000 $1,106
12/20/2011Portofino Yacht Club1,980 $1,900,000 $960
12/19/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,491 $1,730,000 $1,160
12/16/2011IL VILLAGGIO2,310 $3,999,995 $1,732
12/16/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,591 $1,750,000 $1,100
12/13/2011APOGEE SOUTH BEACH3,103 $5,508,200 $1,775
12/12/2011Continuum South Tower2,292 $2,665,000 $1,163
12/9/2011Setai2,521 $6,000,000 $2,380
12/9/2011Setai6,209 $ 21,500,000 $3,463
12/6/2011Il Villaggio2,310 $3,900,000 $1,688
12/5/2011PORTOFINO TOWER2,340 $1,750,000 $748
12/5/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340 $1,737,000 $742
12/1/2011Portofino Tower2,040 $1,300,000 $637
11/23/2011Continuum South Tower4,378 $5,200,000 $1,188
11/21/2011The Setai821 $1,310,000 $1,596
11/18/2011IL VILLAGGIO1,919 $2,200,000 $1,146
11/18/2011IL VILLAGGIO1,370 $1,025,000 $748
11/18/2011Continuum on South Beach1,791 $2,300,000 $1,284
11/14/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,992 $2,250,000 $1,130
11/14/2011Continuum On South Beach1,451 $1,550,000 $1,068
10/27/2011Portofino2,340 $1,225,000 $524
10/27/2011Apogee2,756 $6,000,000 $2,177
10/25/2011CONTINUUM1,869 $1,750,000 $936
10/24/2011Capri South Beach1,889 $1,088,000 $576
10/19/2011THESETAI821 $1,010,000 $1,230
10/18/2011IL VILLAGGIO1,780 $1,850,000 $1,039
10/14/2011MURANO AT PORTOFINO2,190 $2,250,000 $1,027
10/14/20111500 OCEAN DRIVE1,740 $1,625,000 $934
10/11/2011W South Beach Residences1,151 $1,850,000 $1,607
10/10/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH2,508 $3,495,000 $1,394
10/7/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER1,486 $1,700,000 $1,144
9/30/2011Setai1,198 $1,105,000 $922
9/29/2011Continuum North1,698 $1,500,000 $883
9/29/2011Murano Grande2,024 $1,418,000 $701
9/27/2011W South Beach Residence1,151 $1,590,000 $1,381
9/27/2011Continuum North Tower1,862 $2,300,000 $1,235
9/26/2011Setai1,279 $2,300,000 $1,798
9/19/2011Continuum on South Beach2,122 $2,300,000 $1,084
9/17/2011APOGEE4,154 $7,500,000 $1,805
9/14/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH3,017 $5,000,000 $1,657
9/12/2011Continuum, South Tower1,591 $1,500,000 $943
9/11/2011Continuum on South Beach1,791 $1,800,000 $1,005
8/28/2011W South Beach Residences574 $1,100,000 $1,916
8/26/2011Apogee4,154 $6,800,000 $1,637
8/17/2011CONTINUUM THE NORTH TOWER1,922 $2,900,000 $1,509
8/17/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH3,017 $4,175,000 $1,384
8/11/2011W South Beach2,428 $5,200,000 $2,142
8/5/2011COURTSAT SOUTH BEACH2,620 $1,300,000 $496
8/2/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH3,017 $3,700,000 $1,226
8/1/2011Il Villaggio Condominium1,550 $1,750,000 $1,129
7/20/2011The Setai1,141 $2,600,000 $2,279
7/19/2011Continuum2,122 $2,200,000 $1,037
7/14/2011W South Beach Residences2,352 $6,120,400 $2,602
7/14/2011Setai1,316 $1,900,000 $1,444
7/12/2011Setai1,198 $1,700,000 $1,419
7/8/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS2,340 $1,625,000 $694
7/8/2011CONTINUUM II2,173 $3,500,000 $1,611
7/7/2011CAPRI SOUTH BEACH1,842 $1,623,300 $881
7/6/2011ICON2,158 $1,309,500 $607
7/6/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER1,698 $1,400,000 $824
7/1/2011Murano Grande3,979 $3,400,000 $854
6/30/2011THE GRAND VENETIAN2,345 $1,587,500 $677
6/30/2011Continuum on South Beach2,508 $3,400,000 $1,356
6/30/2011CONTINUUM SOUTH TOWER2,122 $2,122,000 $1,000
6/30/2011Continuum on South Beach1,698 $1,450,000 $854
6/28/2011PORTOFINO TOWERS2,040 $1,750,000 $858
6/28/2011Icon South Beach1,815 $1,440,000 $793
6/27/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH3,017 $3,850,000 $1,276
6/27/2011CONTINUUM NORTH TOWER2,621 $3,836,000 $1,464
6/27/2011CONTINUUM ON SOUTH BEACH1,698 $1,700,000 $1,001
6/21/2011Murano at Prtofino2,618 $2,215,000 $846
6/20/2011APOGEE CONDO4,154 $7,350,000 $1,769
6/16/2011ICONCONDOMINIUM4,303 $3,400,000 $790
6/13/2011CONTINUUM SOUTH BEACH1,591 $1,379,000 $867
6/10/2011Continuum South Tower2,508 $3,800,000 $1,515
6/9/2011W South Beach Residences1,350 $2,400,000 $1,778
6/9/2011Murano at Portofino2,190 $1,600,000 $731
6/9/2011W South Beach Residence1,054 $1,560,000 $1,480
6/8/2011Murano Grande At Portofin1,548 $1,080,000 $698
6/6/2011Apogee2,756 $4,900,000 $1,778
6/2/2011continuum3,017 $5,050,000 $1,674


Tags:  Continuum South Beach, South of Fifth Condos, South Beach Condos, Continuum Condos Miami Beach, miami beach condos

The Continuum South Beach Condos have all of the amenities and features of a five star resort.The Continuum also happens to be located in THE best Oceanfront location in all of Miami Beach- at the extreme Southeastern tip of South Beach. This makes The Continuum a popular destination for visitors and notables from around the world, including many Hollywood celebrities.

Ryan Seacrest at Continuum Miami Beach

While exercising at The Continuum's Sporting Club recently, I noticed that working out right next to me was none other than Ryan Seacrest (who's in excellent shape and works out HARD!). Ryan has been spotted at The Wall Nightclub in Miami Beach, and is known to enjoy the many attractions that Miami Beach has to offer.

The Continuum's Sporting Club recently underwent extensive renovations to the Men's and Women's locker room / private Spa areas, as well as acquiring all-new fitness equipment. Brand new cardiovascular machines, weight machines, and various other upgrades were recently completed. The Sporting Club @ Continuum is now a world class fitness center- available exclusively to residents and guests of The Continuum Condominiums.

The Continuum South Tower common area renovations have also been completed (see pictures below). The new South Tower lobby and condo building common areas look amazing! The Continuum South Tower is now on a par, if not exceeding, the highest luxury and decor standards set by nearby South of Fifth luxury condo buildings- such as Apogee, The Murano at Portofino, and Icon South Beach.

Continuum Miami Beach Condo LobbyContinuum South Tower Lobby


Tags:  Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Beach Events

Art Basel is under way for its 10th season in Miami Beach and combines a selection of top international, regional and local galleries with an exciting showcase of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. Over 250 leading art galleries and more than 2,000 artists from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa are exhibiting their contemporary artwork. This acclaimed international art show (and sister event of Art Basel in Switzerland) is one of most important annual art show of its kind in America. Please note that various satellite art fairs and special events are taking place throughout Greater Miami and Miami Beach during the entire month of December.

Most art festival events are held in galleries in Miami Beach and the Greater Miami neighborhoods of Wynwood, Miami Design District in Downtown Miami. The most popular and largest showcases are held all over Miami Beach with many free, public exhibits held along the beach and in various parks throughout South Beach. Exclusive and private events are held at the Miami Beach Convention Center with expositions of artists from all over the world. The Lincoln Theatre, Colony Theatre, and local bookstores also are hosts to many Art Basel movie showings and expositions, including the new SoundScape Park. Many local galleries and artists also have special events and showcases before and after the official festival lasting the entire month of December.

Miami Beach Art Basel Weekend Guide

List & Links of Art Fairs, Galleries and Presentations throughout Greater Miami and Miami Beach to plan your Art Basel schedule this coming weekend:

Miami Beach and Miami Art Fair Guide 2011

Aqua Art Miami
Features galleries from throughout North America and Europe, with an emphasis on West Coast galleries and emerging artists.

Art Miami
Art Miami serves as platform for the state of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Art Now Fair
Art Now Fair is a hotel art fair in Miami Beach at the Catalina Hotel, exhibiting painting, photography, sculpture and works on paper.

Art Asia Miami
Brings more than 60 galleries together to showcase works from established and emerging Asian artists.

Arts for a Better World
Features International Galleries, Better World Museum, and live artistic happenings.

Burst Project Art Fair
Burst Project Art Fair is an innovative presentation of contemporary art stretching from Miami Beach to Miami's Wynwood Arts District.

Design Miami
Presenting the best international design galleries exhibiting extraordinary historic and contemporary design.

Fountain Miami
Fountain is an exhibition of avant garde artwork in New York during Armory week and Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Graffiti Gone Global
Conveys the dexterity of traditional and experimental street art around the world.

INK Miami
Showcases notable publishers and dealers who exhibit new publications, projects and acquisitions by leading contemporary artists.

NADA Art Fair Miami
The New Art Dealers Alliance features emerging art galleries from many countries.

Photo Miami
Galleries exhibit photo-based art including conceptual, video, digital and mixed media artwork.

Pool Art Fair
A meeting ground for outstanding artists, primarily those who do not have yet gallery representation.

Pulse Miami
Presents leading international galleries and artists showcasing the latest movements in contemporary art in powerful architectural environments.

Red Dot Fair
Featuring more than 50 international, modern contemporary art dealers from around the world.

SCOPE International Contemporary Art Fair
Miami's original emerging contemporary art fair.

Sculpt Miami
Combining an international selection of over 30 top sculptors with other exciting cultural events.

Verge Art Fair
An international platform for the most exciting and interesting in new and emerging art.

Zones Art Fair Miami
Multi-faceted event focuses on up-and-coming local artists.


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