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A new transportation project has been launched between two major metropolises in Florida. Labeled the “All Aboard Florida” project, this train system will be the first privately owned railroad link between two American cities. It will connect Orlando and Miami, the two largest cities in Florida, and will cost an estimated 1.5 billion dollars. This track will be completed in late 2014 or early 2015.

The passenger trains will run on 200 miles of track alongside Florida’s eastern coast, property owned by Florida East Coast Railways (FECI). FECI is a Miami company that specializes in real estate and transportation. The journey will take a total of three hours and three minutes, a significant reduction over other transportation methods. By car, it takes an average of 4 to 5 hours, as experienced by over 50 million people every year; by Amtrak train, a government-owned railroad company, it takes between 5 to 7 hours. The All Aboard trains will run as fast as 110 miles per hour on the route.

The All Aboard passenger train system will begin and end in Miami and Orlando, with stops at Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach in between. Three primary train stations will be built along the route: at Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with the Miami station being the largest. The train tracks in Miami will be on an elevated platform, providing an all-encompassing view of downtown upon both exit and arrival. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Marshall, the same company that designed the newly-constructed Freedom Tower in Manhattan, Miami station’s main hall will be over 60,000 square feet and will be across from the new U.S. Courthouse on Northwest First Avenue.

How will the train system make such a quick journey? The plan is to include two diesel-powered systems with a 400-seat capacity. Hourly runs will be made between Miami and Orlando, with both first-class and business-class seating. Also included are gourmet dining and WiFi availability. The train service will also include a 40-mile inland track, built from Cocoa Beach, Florida to Orlando. This will enable customers to easily access a popular beach destination.

FECI wrote up the proposal for the business idea in March, but was not able to make a deal on the inland segment from Cocoa Beach without allowing the state of Florida to first accept other solicitations for the property in question. No additional bids were given, so Florida gave FECI the green light last Tuesday.


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When it comes to the opulent homes for sale flanking the Miami coast, Russian millionaires are starting to take the lead. The rich Russians dominate the market for mega-mansions and Latin Americans are also great contributors to the recovery of the Miami real-estate market.

A Russian bought this summer the most expensive house ever sold in Miami. The home was located on Indian Creek Island and it was worth $47 million. Another home situated on Star Island has been recently sold to Roustam Tariko, Russian vodka king, for $25 million. A millionaire from Ukraine bought a whole floor of the St. Regis Bal Harbour, paying $20 million for it.

Based on what the National Association of Realtors says, it looks like Russians spent last year more than $12 billion on abroad real estate. This represents $1 billion more than those from the United States. The precise numbers for Florida are not known yet, but it seems that the state is the first on the list of foreign sales, having sold more than one in four houses to foreign buyers. Miami’s nightlife, cultural scene and ocean breezes are very attractive for rich people, especially for millionaires close to Latin America. They represent 70% of homebuyers in the Miami area.

Miami is the best location to invest in your first, second or even third house. Even though the city cannot be compared with the South of France, Manhattan or Monte Carlo, it is still a worldwide destination where everyone adores the South Beach. Rich Russians are particularly attracted by the biggest Miami condos and mansions. The weather here represents a nice getaway from the freezing Moscow. Another aspect that obsesses Russian millionaires is their security. But this is not a problem, since a great collection of private islands and gated communities with private police forces can easily be found in Miami.

Purchasing condos or mansions in Miami also involves limited expose. This is an advantage for Russians because they hate giving too much information about their business backgrounds and finances. Usually, they check only for two aspects in Miami: if the buyer has the funds and if he is not a criminal. In case these two requirements are accomplished, he can purchase the property.

Super-brokers in Miami implemented a strategy to attract more rich Russian buyers. They opened business offices in Russia and focused on studying their culture in order to know exactly how to behave and what to offer to their clients. For example, Russian buyers hate using local banks or lawyers, so they search for lenders or attorneys that are more sociable and less intrusive. What remains now to be seen is whether a Russian will purchase the biggest prize of Miami: the Versace mansion, which is worth $125 million and is situated on the South Beach.

For more information about Miami Beach Residences & Properties call Allan Kleer @ 305 748 2058. The Kleer Team represents many first time buyers of Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate. Schedule an appointment for a personal interview.


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Enjoy good food and good music on the beach at the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest! The popular event takes place the fourth Wednesday of every month, so get ready to satisfy your taste buds and your ears on January 23rd.

About the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest

The Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest will be feeding and entertaining Miami Beach residents on the fourth Wednesday of every month from December 2012 – September 2013. The event is held at the North Shore Park Bandshell on Collins Avenue and 73rd Street and features popular mobile food trucks and free entertainment. Area restaurants will also be getting in on the fun.

The next festival takes place on January 23rd from 5pm to 10pm. Upcoming dates for 2013 are as follows:

  • January 23
  • February 27
  • March 27
  • April 24
  • May 22
  • June 26
  • July 24
  • August 28
  • September 25

Participating Food Trucks

Whether you are new to the food truck scene or have it on your bucket list to sample the treats from all of Miami Beach’s mobile foodie magnets, you’re sure to be satisfied (and well fed) at this event. A wide range of cuisines will be featured including burgers, ethnic dishes and healthy bites. The food trucks that will be making appearances at the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest include:

  • Ms. Cheezious
  • Latin Burger
  • Sakaya
  • Catered Bliss
  • Health Nut
  • Garcia Brothers
  • Arepa Box
  • Gastropod
  • The Mexican
  • Moty’s
  • Mushaboom
  • Dolci Pecati
  • Sugar Yummy Mama
  • Boba Station
  • Fireman Derrick
  • Hip Pop
  • Coffee Break
  • Lobster Monster

In addition, festival-goers can sample menu items from popular local restaurants including:

  • Lou’s Beer Garden – crafts brews
  • Sazon – super spiked and chilled sangrias
  • El Tumi De Oro
  • Mixtura – timeless pisco sours
  • Rouge – classic Parisian cocktails
  • Cafrait – refreshing proseccos

Free Live Music

In addition to all the delicious food on hand, visitors can enjoy performances of live music from 6pm – 9pm. Some of the local bands and musicians that have been featured in the past include:

  • Marlow Rosada y La Riquena – nine piece salsa band
  • Suenalo + a Latin Dance Contest

More Information About the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest

The Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Fest is located at Collins Avenue and 73rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida, 33141. To learn more about this exciting event including information about participating food trucks and entertainers, please visit the event website or call 305-673-7577. This event is free and suitable for all ages.


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  • Location: Docked at Intercontinental Hotel Dock, 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL 33131
  • Phone: 239-495-2024
  • Email:
  • Admission: $10-$30

Starting on January 18, 2013 the MIA (Miami International Art Fair) will come back to Miami. The event will take place downtown, at 100 Chopin Plaza, and it will celebrate its fourth edition. The fair will highlight a dynamic display of international art galleries from around the world. Artists from New York, Moscow, Beijing, Paris, Buenos Aires, and London will come at the MIA to present their most promising and enticing works of art. If you’re fond of contemporary art and you want to admire the works of some of the most talented international artists, you are more than welcomed to attend the MIA. Revolutionary artwork in a plethora of genres will be exhibited, and the whole event is an opportunity for collectors to find out more about international modern art. The event will last until January 21, and it will include the following types of art: painting, sculpture, performance art, photography, works on paper, studio jewelry design, functional design, and mixed media. Noted exhibitions:

  • Light exhibitions of Stephen Knapp
  • Fernando Alvarez Gallery
  • Carlos Estevez exhibition of “Across the Universe”
  • “Adriana Budich Arte Contemporáneo” , Leon Ferrari, Buenos Aires
  • “Angel Orensanz”, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York
  • Jadikan, Art Vitam, Miami
  • Kunlunzi, Caochangdi Gallery of Art, Beijing
  • Trudy Good, Christopher Walker Art, London
  • Fabia Nitti, Elite Fine Art Galleries, Miami
  • University of Miami,John Van Beekum, Coral Gables
  • The Valentine Ryabov Gallery, Sergey Fedotov, Moscow

The international art fair will be featured on SeaFair, a 220 ft. mega yacht, and it will cover 3 decks. Programs will include various lectures organized by artists, designers, and international museum experts. Monica Suleski will present “Living with Art” and Stephen Knapp, an international artist, will highlight to the people its artwork entitled “New Light”. Apart from a number of daily “meet the artist” presentations and receptions, MIA will also feature fine dining opportunities for the guests. On Friday and Sunday, there will be a VIP lounge area where wine connoisseurs will be invited to taste international wines from France, Tuscany and California. The art fair will begin on January 18, starting from 12 p.m. and it will last until 10 p.m. One January 20, it will have a special program with valet parking and priority boarding passes. At the door tickets will cost $15 and if you want to sign up for a priority boarding pass, you’ll have to pay $30. Premiere art galleries from all over the world and collectors will gather on January 18 at the Miami International Art Fair. The event is one of America’s most eye-catching and exciting winter celebrations for contemporary art. Even though the official opening of the fair is January 18, there will be a private preview on January 17 as well, starting 6 p.m. Overall, the Miami International Art Fair (MIA) is without a doubt a cultural and extremely alluring celebration where over 30 international dealers have the freedom to express their contemporary artwork. Consequently, emerging artists are also invited to attend at the fair, exhibit their pieces, and get their work known to the people of Miami.


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Presented by the Miami Design Preservation League, the Art Deco Weekend will celebrate this year its 35th anniversary. The event will begin on January 18 and it will last for 3 days. With over 80 programmed events the weekend will include various musical performances, art exhibitions, parades, films, lectures, antique displays, merchandise vendors, and more.

The Art Deco Weekend is regarded as one of the most famous Ocean Drive events where over 300,000 visitors are expected to attend. Regardless of the form of art you’re passionate about, the fair will certainly exceed your expectations. Art deco retailers, bartenders, craftsmen, chefs, and car collectors are getting ready to show off their masterpieces starting from January 18. Starting from the whimsical maritime accents to the elaborate terrazzo floors, the event will make both locals and tourists have the best time in Miami; additionally, the marching bands, local figures, and antique rides will create the most enticing and dazzling atmosphere.

The whole weekend will be a tribute to the Ocean Drive artistic spirit. There will be auctions organized from where you’ll have the chance to buy collectibles and memorabilia. Let us have a closer look at some of the most important events that will happen during the Art Deco Weekend in Miami.

Friday, January 18

  • Modernism Furniture Expo
  • Miami Beach Visual Exhibit
  • Art Deco Tours
  • Children’s activities
  • Miami Beach Antique Show
  • Jewish Miami Beach Tour
  • The Decotones – live music concert
  • Art Deco Parade

Saturday, January 19

  • Art Deco Tours
  • Modernism Furniture Exhibit
  • Classic Car Show – starting 10 a.m.
  • Miami Beach Antique Show
  • Kids performance – Mad Dance
  • Underworld Tour
  • Fashion Show – starting 2 p.m.
  • Classic Car Awards
  • Dj Rampage – live music
  • Film – “Some like it Hot”
  • Art Deco VIP Gala – starting 8 p.m.
  • Lummus Park – film, “The Artist”

Sunday, January 20

  • Modernism Furniture Expo
  • Classic Car Show
  • History Miami Map Exhibition
  • Earth Code, live music
  • Lummus Park- film, “The Great Gatsby”
  • Lummus Park- film, “Midnight in Paris”

There are plenty of events worth attending at the annual Art Deco Weekend in Miami. The plethora of artistic displays will certainly manage to gather over 300,000 visitors looking to relax and have a good time in Miami. The VIP Art Deco Gala is one of the most awaited events of the whole weekend. It will take place on January 19, starting from 8 p.m in a underground location.

Guests will be welcomed with cocktails, special treats, and jazz music, so you might want to check it out. In order to enter the gala you’ll need a key; the exact location is secret and it will be revealed only to those who buy a ticket. If you want to attend, tickets are $150 for couples and $85 for a single person.

If you want to attend the free events at the Art Deco weekend, you can always take part in the lecture series. They will take place throughout the weekend at the Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue. For some more relaxation, you are invited to bring a blanket to Lummus Park, as the Film Festival will certainly help families and couple have a great time.

Location: 1001 Ocean Dr, Miami, FL 33139, Miami Design Preservation League


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In the fall of 2004, Granada Golf Course started to be quite famous at Coral Gables. It is an 18-hole championship course that attracts hundreds of players and golf enthusiasts. Granada is arguably the most scenic and prettiest course in the area. It has something for everyone, from rolling hills to breathtaking views, beautiful creeks, pine forest, and the like. The administrators and staff are indeed proud of what they can offer.

The course ranges from 5k years from forward tees to more than 7k yards of back tees. John Paul, the Director of Golf, said that it comes with the best par 5’s in the village. With around 7 miles of cart paths, it is said to play shorter than it reads.

There may be some disadvantages to its location since it is seated at the foothills of Ouachita Mountains. But the magnificent views, long fairways and large driving areas totally make it up. People indeed love it there. The course features Tif Sport Bermuda along its fairways, tees and roughs. Moreover, the greens are a mixture of L93 and Crenshaw Bent Grass.

The Best of Granada

But what truly makes Granada Golf Course special? Its signature hole is the beautiful 18th with a meandering waterfall that stretches through the length of the fairway. This fall is said to be built entirely out of rocks that were removed during the construction of the golf course. On the other hand, the best yet most difficult holes on the course is at par 4 no. 17, which comes with a green 60 years in length. It is indeed challenging, even with pros.

Features and Amenities

Granada Golf Course is somewhat like a high class golf destination. It comes with many features and amenities that can cater the needs of both amateur and professional golfers. There are fully-stocked pro shops where people can buy golf gears and accessories whenever they need one. Locker rooms are also available, a place where they can safely keep their things. Aside from that, the course offers both handcart and electric golf cart rental. And when a good game ends, they can always fill their tummies at the restaurant. Membership and tournament outings are also available at Granada. For those who would like to learn how to play golf, talented staff can teach you with a variety of lesson formats, and these may include private, group, junior lessons, as well as specialty shot classes.

About Granada Golf Course and More

Granada Golf Course offers one of the best golf facilities in the area. And its location is quite convenient. It seats right outside the downtown area. Its local flavor, the association support and private club atmosphere, makes it better than the rest. Designed in the year 1923 and opened on the same year, it is considered as the oldest operating 9-hole course in Florida.

  • Location: 2001 Granada Boulevard, Coral Gables, Florida 33134
  • Contact No.: 305-460-4567
  • 9 Hole regulation length course
  • Municipal golf course
  • Comes with 36 par, 3,001 years, and 109 slope
  • With 34.6 rating
  • Rates range from $15 to $34.50, from resident to non-resident


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Miami is a place where several parks can be found. But one of the best out there is the South Pointe Park. It is locally known as South Pointe. It stands in 17 acres of land in metropolitan Miami, just in the South Beach neighborhood. It is a great place to spend the weekend, whether you’re with your family or your friends. The South Pointe is considered as an architectural marvel and a fusion between modern living and nature. It indeed serves a great aesthetic purpose for Miami.

Day and Night at South Pointe

The City of Miami Beach is said to spend more than $20 million dollars for the renovation of the said park. Now, the park is adorned with beautiful serpentine walkways, a 20-ft. promenade along the Government Cut, lined with limestone exclusively found in Florida. The sand dunes are covered in grass and the place certainly comes with a spectacular view of the ocean. Aside from that, there is a big space where children can play and some water features for people to enjoy during a hot weekend afternoon. The said space is definitely good for picnics, a small soccer game and the like. Surely, a day visit can be quite interesting.

By nighttime, the 20-ft. walkway is illuminated by 18 light towers, unique to South Pointe Park. The place can be a romantic destination for lovers and a nice place to hang out with friends. And since the park is located on the coastal land, one of the major concerns is the turtle nesting areas. But the towers were especially designed with lighting, so that the hatchlings will not be attracted, it could provide sufficient or enough illumination for a safe evening. And these towers will not just give only one boring color, it glows in different colors, making the park more interesting than ever.

See, South Pointe does not just focus on pleasing the citizens alone, but also gives importance to the environment, especially when it comes to the turtle hatchlings.

Before South Pointe Stood in the Area

The Federal Government donated a land to Miami Beach in the year 1979. This land was first used as a home to police horse stables, the police intelligence unit, as well as the Port of Miami harbor pilots. The last remaining building was demolished in 1984 to give way to the park’s creation. The government actually paid half of the cost.

In October 1985, it was officially made as the 19th public park in Miami Beach. Its conversion cost more than $3 million. Some of the features seen on the park back then were the amphitheater, two observation towers, picnic pavilions, fitness courses, as well as the wooden boardwalk, Miami’s last natural sand dune.

Renovations were planned for the park in 1995. The plan was not materialized until March of 2009. Lots of other features were added, including the said 20-ft. wide walkways with Florida limestone and the ocean-themed children’s playground. The current face of South Pointe Park is all thanks to the Hargreaves Associates of NYC, hired to redesign the whole park.

FAQs on South Pointe

  • Location: 1 Washington Avenue, Miami
  • Park Hours: Sunrise until 10:00pm
  • Public Restrooms are available.
  • Bikes and skateboards are permitted on the pavements.

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