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Miami is a place where several parks can be found. But one of the best out there is the South Pointe Park. It is locally known as South Pointe. It stands in 17 acres of land in metropolitan Miami, just in the South Beach neighborhood. It is a great place to spend the weekend, whether you’re with your family or your friends. The South Pointe is considered as an architectural marvel and a fusion between modern living and nature. It indeed serves a great aesthetic purpose for Miami.

Day and Night at South Pointe

The City of Miami Beach is said to spend more than $20 million dollars for the renovation of the said park. Now, the park is adorned with beautiful serpentine walkways, a 20-ft. promenade along the Government Cut, lined with limestone exclusively found in Florida. The sand dunes are covered in grass and the place certainly comes with a spectacular view of the ocean. Aside from that, there is a big space where children can play and some water features for people to enjoy during a hot weekend afternoon. The said space is definitely good for picnics, a small soccer game and the like. Surely, a day visit can be quite interesting.

By nighttime, the 20-ft. walkway is illuminated by 18 light towers, unique to South Pointe Park. The place can be a romantic destination for lovers and a nice place to hang out with friends. And since the park is located on the coastal land, one of the major concerns is the turtle nesting areas. But the towers were especially designed with lighting, so that the hatchlings will not be attracted, it could provide sufficient or enough illumination for a safe evening. And these towers will not just give only one boring color, it glows in different colors, making the park more interesting than ever.

See, South Pointe does not just focus on pleasing the citizens alone, but also gives importance to the environment, especially when it comes to the turtle hatchlings.

Before South Pointe Stood in the Area

The Federal Government donated a land to Miami Beach in the year 1979. This land was first used as a home to police horse stables, the police intelligence unit, as well as the Port of Miami harbor pilots. The last remaining building was demolished in 1984 to give way to the park’s creation. The government actually paid half of the cost.

In October 1985, it was officially made as the 19th public park in Miami Beach. Its conversion cost more than $3 million. Some of the features seen on the park back then were the amphitheater, two observation towers, picnic pavilions, fitness courses, as well as the wooden boardwalk, Miami’s last natural sand dune.

Renovations were planned for the park in 1995. The plan was not materialized until March of 2009. Lots of other features were added, including the said 20-ft. wide walkways with Florida limestone and the ocean-themed children’s playground. The current face of South Pointe Park is all thanks to the Hargreaves Associates of NYC, hired to redesign the whole park.

FAQs on South Pointe

  • Location: 1 Washington Avenue, Miami
  • Park Hours: Sunrise until 10:00pm
  • Public Restrooms are available.
  • Bikes and skateboards are permitted on the pavements.
Security Code:
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