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  • Community: Miami River Brickell
  • Location: Brickell Miami
  • Developer: Groupe Pacific International
  • Designer: Cohen, Freedman, Encinosa & Associates
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Size of condos: 952- 1510
  • Type of residence: condos with 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • Number of residences: 319
  • Floors: 46

After the successful Brickell on the River North Tower, the developer, Group Pacific International, decided to build the second tower of the Miami River Brickell Community, Brickell on the River South Tower. Designed by Cohen, Freedman, Encinosa & Associates, the building is modern, contemporary, and above everything else, chic. Built in 2007, is has 319 condos with one or two bedrooms. The size of the residences is somewhere between 952 and 1,510 sq. ft., and there are 46 floors at your disposal, so you’ll have where to choose from. The South Tower is surrounded by the most attractive places of interest in the city, and the lofts have panoramic views due to the floor-to-ceiling glass. Brickell on the River is one of the top Luxury Miami Beach Condos, along with Continuum Miami Beach, Murano Grande Miami Beach and Apogee Miami Beach

Entertainment opportunities at the Brickell on the River South Tower

The tower shares a tropically landscaped pool with the North Tower on the 11th floor and also a riverfront club room. The well-equipped business center is perfect for business affairs and the complexity of the building outshines all other modern constructions that surround it. Situated in the heart of Miami, it has the hottest real estate lofts available for sale on the market. The incredible views of the river entrance and of the bay, the extraordinary design and the astonishing amenities offered at invincible prices are the ideal choice for you. All requests that help residents to enjoy a privileged life are fulfilled by the full-time concierge services. A private club room, a riverfront promenade and café with plush sofas and cozy bar seating are showcased as well. Not to mention that the fashionable five-level fitness and health center can easily become your exclusive vacation resort. When it comes to comfort and privacy, there are separate floors for women and men. As you can see, the South Tower has plenty of entertainment opportunities for its residents, and residents are invited to enjoy all of them.

The Brickell on the River South Tower Amenities

Luxury is the word that defines the South Tower condominium. All lofts are equipped with granite countertops, open gourmet kitchens, stylish bedrooms and extensive balconies. Residents will adore living here considering that there is nothing more exclusive in Miami than the Brickell Towers. The views are exhilarating and this contributes to the overall beauty of the place. Every condo at the Brickell on the South Tower has the following amenities:

  • Marble flooring;
  • Stainless steel appliances;
  • European-style cabinets;
  • Panoramic view of the city;
  • Comfy living space;
  • Lobby;
  • Women/ Men sauna;
  • Concierge;
  • Private club room;
  • 24-h security system;
  • Dressing area;
  • Business center;
  • Whirlpool;
  • Landscaped driveway

All in all, future Miami residents should know that residing in the Brickell community is a dream come true. Living in a condo on the South Tower will offer easy access to the city’s top boutiques, greatest restaurants, and most appealing places of interest. Not to mention that you’ll be able to enjoy supreme luxury in one of the superb Brickell on the River condos.

For more information about Miami Beach Real Estate Listings call Allan Kleer @ 305 748 2058. The Kleer Team represents many first time buyers of Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate. Schedule an appointment for a personal interview.


meunierd /

World famous fashion designer Gianni Versace was notoriously shot to death on the front steps of his Miami mansion in 1997. After his tragic murder, the home sat empty until 2000 when entrepreneur Peter Loftin purchased it. He painstakingly restored the 23,400 square foot property to its glory days and converted it into an upscale boutique hotel.

Versace Mansion Once Again for Sale

In 2012, Loftin put the property up for sale for $125 million. That makes it one of the two most expensive homes for sale in the United States, along with the $125 million Fleur de Lys estate in Los Angeles. The property is available as either a single family estate or as a hotel.Casa Casuarina, as the estate is known, is considered a hot property due to its history and its location. It is situated right on the waterfront on busy Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The mansion features 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, each designed with a different, fantastical theme. The home even boasts an observatory and an entryway with two sweeping staircases. Throughout the estate the walls are hand-painted and the ceilings are adorned with frescoes.Perhaps one of the most spectacular amenities of this house is the 54 foot long pool decorated with mosaic tile and lined with 24 karat gold. The pool is situated off of a private courtyard that features sculptures lining the mosaic walkways.

History of the Versace Mansion

Casa Casuarina was constructed in 1930 by well-known architect and philanthropist Alden Freeman. The design of the estate was inspired by the Alcazar de Colon, a colonial palace where Christopher Columbus and his family once resided. Versace purchased the home in 1992 and was said to have spent nearly $33 million on upgrades and renovations, including adding the gilded pool and expanding the south wing.

Why is Loftin Selling?

Loftin decided now was the time to list the property because the high-end market is heating up. Billionaires around the world have once again begun buying homes. Steve Wyn recently purchased a penthouse in New York for $70 million, while another anonymous billionaire family bought a $90 million penthouse in the One57 development in Manhattan.So why is the Versace mansion listed at such a hefty price? According to the listing agent, the price was determined because of the home’s uniqueness. The estate is thought of as a piece of art, and there exists nothing in the world quite like it.Miami has seen a spate of luxury purchases on this level recently. Eddie Lampert purchased a $40 million home in Indian Creek while an anonymous Italian buyer bought a Continuum penthouse for $25 million. Miami has enjoyed robust sales in the luxury market since 2011. Median sales prices in this market are up over four percent since last year, and the number of days they are on the market has decreased by 10 percent.And while there has been interest in the Versace mansion since its listing in June, no buyers have yet stepped forward.

For more information about Miami Luxury Homes, call Allan Kleer @ 305 748 2058. Schedule an appointment for a personal interview.


Thus far, the Canadians have been the main foreign buyers of proprieties in Florida; but now, things seem to have changed, and there are numerous Asian investors who have shown their interest into the Florida real estate market as well. Some say that the Canadians should not fear the Asians, as they are not their biggest competition for the Florida residential deals, and that they should rather dread the aggressive groups that make “bulk investments” and purchase dozens of condos at the same time. For instance, the Blackstone Group LP, which is a private real estate company with headquarters in the United States, just spent $2.5 billion on 16,000 houses in nine different cities in the U.S, including in Miami, and the investor plans to turn all the houses into rentals.

Still, now that leading propriety markets such as Toronto and Vancouver seem to become a little bit softer, the Asian investors appear to be changing their focus to the south of the border. So far, the Asian interest in Florida has surely intensified, and how the market has slowly begun to recover, it has become a real challenge to find homes under $150,000. Although Asian buyers are minor players on the Florida real estate market, they still are extremely active, and they show a lot of potential; thus, a possible development needs to be taken into account.

The Canadians ought to consider Asian investors, and they should really find methods to fight back the large numbers of “bulk investments” as these are their main competition. Considering that the real estate market in Florida is just starting to recover, prices are not very high so it’s the perfect time for this type of investors to start acting.

These days, increasingly more Americans have been approved a mortgage, but the buyers from other parts of the world, such as Brazil have invaded the market, offering to pay even twice the demanded price for the property. It seems like they are in a shopping spree for houses, and they are ready to pay up to $300,000 for a house, a price than neither the Americans, nor the Canadians would afford.

Knowing all these things, you can easily notice that there are many changes taking place in the Florida real estate market. Nevertheless, this can easily go sideways and nobody can know for sure what will happen. People who have just bought a home are more than happy with their decision, because considering the high demand a lot of prices will rise. On the other hand, it is a less fortunate happening for those who have just started looking for a new place, because although they have been approved a mortgage, they might not find a home suitable for their budget if costs keep going up.

Although from a buyer’s point of view, this is not the most fortunate situation, it may be a good thing that there is shown such a great interest into the Florida real estate market because this could be the push it needs to overcome the economic crisis completely.


Panoramic view of Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay

  • Location: 1450 S Bayshore Drive Miami, FL 33131
  • Year built: 1977
  • Floors: 21
  • Unit number: 195
  • Unit type: condos with 1 and 3 bedrooms
  • Average square footage: 900-2,000

Introducing Costa Bella Condo

Costa Bella is a condo complex located at 1450 S Bayshore Drive in Miami. It was built in 1977 and it offers 195 units spread on 21 floors. The complex is a gated community with a plethora of amenities such as exercise rooms, pool, 14-h security, tennis court, and Jacuzzi. Located just across the street from the Bayshore, Costa Bella is an excellent residential community where you’ll have at your disposal a plethora of activities to try out.

Positioned close to Publix on Brickell and at a short distance from St. Jude’s Church, the complex will allow home buyers full access to the city’s main activities. In spite of its central location, Costa Bella is a quiet community where you’ll be able to benefit from supreme composure. Some of its basic amenities include:

  • Fitness center
  • Valet parking
  • Pool area
  • Sauna
  • Closeness to metro station and the shops
  • Ocean views
  • Heating and AC
  • Washer/drier
  • Hardwood flooring
  • High ceilings
  • Top-to-bottom windows
  • Concierge

The Costa Bella Residences

Costa Bella Condo offers apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Home buyers will have at their disposal modern fixtures and advanced building facilities. Built in 1977, the complex was restored various times throughout the years. Modern conveniences have been introduced into the building in order to permit dwellers to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. With prices ranging from $200,000 to $700,000, a residence at Costa Bella will certainly exceed your expectations.

If you want to benefit from supreme comfort, you can easily opt for a 3-bedroom condo with open kitchen space, fireplace in the living rooms, high ceilings, and hardwood flooring. The overviews of the city from a Costa Bella condo are just staggering. Residents will have the chance to admire the bay and the city’s most enticing attractions.

A well-established condo here will help you stay close to the area’s main points of interest. Located in the heart of the financial district, Costa Bella is one of Miami’s greatest gated communities due to the amenities provided. Within minutes from the Mary Brickell Village and the Metromover, future residents will certainly have a plethora of activities to engage on.

Additional building amenities consist of:

  • 1-car garage space
  • Barbeque area
  • Pets allowed
  • Tile flooring
  • Assigned and detached parking
  • Ocean views
  • Bay views
  • Security fence

Overall, the Costa Bella Condo in Miami is a high-end complex suitable for singles, families, and couples who want to live in the heart of Miami’s financial district. The attractions nearby, the plethora of entertainment opportunities you’ll have at your disposal, and ultimately the amenities, will certainly help you benefit from a great lifestyle.

If you think the features and location of this luxury Miami Condo are the best for you, CLICK HERE or call TheKleer Team @ 305 748 2058 TODAY.


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