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Di Lido Island features some of the best Miami Beach luxury real estate in the area. As the largest and most central of the six Venetian Islands, Di Lido Island boasts extraordinary views of the island chain, especially on the northern side of the community. With both waterfront and dry lot homes to choose from, why not include this fabulous island in your search of Miami Beach homes?

Di Lido Island Homes for Sale

The offerings on Di Lido Island are representative of what the Miami Beach lifestyle has become famous for. Homes here are in a private and serene setting and come in a wide range of architectural styles – from beautiful and sleek contemporary homes with sparkling pools to gorgeous waterfront estates with large docks for boats and yachts. While views are plentiful from most all homes on Di Lido Island, properties on the northern and the southern areas of the island offer nearly unobstructed vistas of the surrounding area.

You can expect luxurious amenities in homes on Di Lido Island. Properties here feature modern construction, rooftop terraces with stunning views, expansive floor plans that are perfect for entertaining, gorgeous tropical style landscaping, hardwood and limestone flooring, boat docks, and pristine pools nestled in large outdoor living spaces. Di Lido homes are some of the most attractive and most sought after in the area and are comparable to those found on Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, LaGorce Island and on Bay Drive in Miami Beach.

Great Location Close to Everything

As part of the Venetian Island chain, Di Lido is intersected by the Venetian Causeway which allows residents easy access to both downtown Miami and Miami Beach. It is the third island from the east in the chain and is situated between San Marino Island and Rivo Alto Island in Biscayne Bay. Homes here are within a 30 minute drive to everything Miami has to offer.

The peaceful setting of Di Lido Island makes it a great place for leisurely activities. Here you’ll find homeowners out walking their dogs or bicycling along the quiet streets. If you enjoy spectacular sunsets, than this is definitely the place for you.

While it is always fun to relax in a beautiful Miami Beach home on Di Lido Island, if you get the itch to explore the area you’ll be a stone’s throw from some of the best culture and nightlife around. Upscale shopping is less than two miles away at the Lincoln Road Mall on Collins Avenue. South Beach is also close by which features world-class restaurants, hip bars, trendy hotels, historically significant architecture and culturally-rich museums and galleries. Sports and water enthusiasts have access to the beachfront to enjoy a wide variety of marine activities, and the elite Miami Beach Golf Club is just two miles away in Miami Beach.

More Information about Di Lido Island Homes for Sale

To learn more about everything Di Lido Island has to offer including homes for sale, please CLICK HERE to speak with an agent from The Kleer Team. We’re here to help!


One of the realities of owning Miami Beach real estate is that you should be prepared for hurricanes. It’s the unavoidable price we pay for living on the gorgeous shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is important to have a plan and emergency supplies ready, especially as we head into hurricane season. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast runs from June 1st through November 30th. 97 percent of all hurricane activity happens between those dates. However, hurricanes have historically happened during every month of the year, so residents of South Florida should always be prepared.

Storm Definitions

Educate yourself on the different types of hurricane-like weather to avoid confusion. Here’s a breakdown of the types of storms and how they are characterized:

  • Tropical Depression – organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with winds up to 38 mph.
  • Tropical Storm – organized system of strong thunderstorms with winds between 39-73 mph.
  • Hurricane (aka typhoon, cyclone) – intense tropical weather system of strong thunderstorms and winds 74 mph or higher.
    • Category 1 – winds 74-95 mph
    • Category 2 – winds 96-110 mph
    • Category 3 - winds 111-130 mph
    • Category 4 – winds 131-155 mph
    • Category 5 – winds 156 mph and above

If a forecast calls for a Hurricane Watch, a hurricane may strike within 48 hours. If it calls for a Hurricane Warning, a hurricane is expected to strike within 36 hours.

Register with the County

If you require special assistance in case of an evacuation, it is advisable to register with the Miami-Dade County Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program at, or by calling 311. You can also stay informed about any emergency information affecting your area by registering your phone number in order to receive messages from the reverse 911 system operated by the City of Miami Beach.

In Case of Evacuation

In some cases it may be necessary to evacuate the area. Miami Beach is located in evacuation zone “B”. Miami-Dade County offers emergency shelters in inland areas in the event of an evacuation. Please be advised that shelter locations are not known beforehand and will be released through the media once they become available. The county operates two pet-friendly evacuation centers that accept pets with proof of updated vaccination and medical history. They are located at the Fuchs Pavilion Miami Dade County Fair and Expo Center and at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School. Bus service to the evacuation sites is provided from 25 local stops in Miami Beach.

Shelters are meant to be a last resort. The county strongly advises that you arrange accommodations with friends or family in advance of an emergency evacuation.

More Information

The City of Miami Beach has an excellent Hurricane Guide that outlines in detail how you should prepare for hurricane season, including preparation plans, how to secure your home or business, how to prepare an emergency kit and “go-bag”, how to care for pets, safety tips, and what to do after a storm.

While living in a hurricane zone shouldn’t be taken lightly, you can minimize the damage and inconvenience of such an occurrence by being prepared in advance. Take the time to put together a plan so that you’re informed and ready for the next big storm.


It’s no surprise that a place which boasts year round sunshine would also be the home of the most important swimwear fashion show in the world. Every year, Miami hosts the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, giving owners of Miami Beach real estate and thousands of visitors at peak at what will be hot on the beach and around the pool in the coming year. While many of the events are invitation-only, savvy residents can find soirees that are open to the public. Here a look at what is happening.

MB Fashion Week Swim at the Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Hotel is one of the most iconic art deco institutions in South Beach, and it provides the perfect backdrop to this stunning runway show happening from July 17th-21st. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the show that features the resort collections of both famous and up-and-coming swim designers. In the past, over 200 designers have paraded their creations to upwards of 100,000 attendees, making this the hottest party in town. See the latest from Wildfox Swim, Suboo, 6 Shore Road, Poko Pano, We Are Handsome, Mikoh, Luli Fama and more. In addition to all the beautiful bodies on display, Mercedes Benz will have a fleet of 2015 C-Class cars lining the intersection of 18th Street and Collins Ave.

Where to Get the Best Views

No fashion event is complete without red carpet receptions, poolside parties and late night fetes. While you’ll need to be a VIP to get past the velvet rope at some of these events, there are still plenty of places to go to enjoy the hubbub. Both the lobby and the surrounding pool at The Raleigh are open to the public and are great places to check out the models in bikinis as well as the celebrities who are sure to flock to the show. If seeing all these beautiful people makes you work up an appetite, you can also dine at their in-house restaurant, helmed by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz.

There are often satellite events happening all over South Beach and Miami during Fashion Week Swim, and many of these parties are open to the public. While there’s no official list of exactly what’s going on around town, in the past places such as the Sagamore Hotel, the SLS South Beach, the Freehand Miami, and the Standard Miami have all hosted events. A little sleuthing (a phone call or web search), should score you the information you need to scope out a party or two.

If the nightlife is your calling, head to any of the trendy bars and clubs in South Beach over the weekend. With so much action in town, these places have booked some of the best DJs to spin for parties thrown by the coolest brands. You’ll likely spot a swimsuit model or two and perhaps score some awesome giveaways.

Miami Beach is THE Place for Fun

If you’re intrigued by the Miami Beach lifestyle and are interested in learning more about Miami Beach homes for sale, please CLICK HERE to speak with an agent from The Kleer Team.


Miami Beach homes come in many different shapes, sizes and styles – there is truly a home out there for every type of buyer. From high rise luxury condos to charming waterfront bungalows, Miami Beach has it all. And if you’re the type of homeowner who dreams of living in a beautiful historic house, Miami Beach is sure to please. But owning a historic home comes with its own set of challenges, so it’s important to be mindful of the pros and cons before taking the plunge. If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of living in a historical setting, here are some of the things you should consider.

They Require Work

Owning a piece of Miami Beach history can be very exciting – but it can also come at a price. In many cases, historic homes require some work to keep them in good working condition. Owners may need to address problems such as outdated plumbing, termite damage, and sagging beams. If the home has any sort of historic designation, preservation laws will need to be followed in order to maintain the historic character of your home.

Historic Designation

Historic homes and neighborhoods can be protected with a historic designation, and there are several types:

  • National Designation – The most coveted type of designation is being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Homeowners can receive grants and tax breaks for the preservation and restoration of the home.
  • State Designation – If your home has a state designation in Florida, you can receive perks such as grants and assistance from the government.
  • Local Designation – Local designation provides the most protection of your home, and if your home is locally designated you will need to petition the Historic Preservation Board or the Design Review Board to make any modifications, depending on whether or not you live in a historic district. You will need to obtain approval for any changes to the exterior and often even changes to the interior.

Historic Miami Beach Homes Hold Their Value

Owning historic Miami Beach real estate does come with restrictions, but there are certainly bonuses to living in this type of home. Historic architecture has loads of charm and character, especially in Miami Beach where you can find Cuban barrel tile roofs, Cuban tile flooring, wrought iron balustrades, textured stucco, and beautiful millwork. In addition, historic properties hold their value much better than those homes that do not have historical designation and often sell for more than the average home. Historic homes preserve what is beautiful about our little corner of the world, and owning a storied property in Miami Beach is certainly something to enjoy and to be proud of.

If you think a Miami Beach historic home may be just what you are looking for, please CLICK HERE to speak with an agent from The Kleer Team. We are here to help you find just the right Miami Beach home for you!


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