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We have an exclusive partnership with both Miami and Miami Beach-based licensed, talented, and experienced Interior Designers who specialize in working with sellers to make their single family homes and condos stand out in this competitive market.


"Before" "After"

Faster Sales Time
Miami Beach's staged homes sell much faster than non-staged homes. Marketing experts indicate that both waterfront and non-waterfront staged homes sell 30 to 50% faster in Miami Beach. The longer a waterfront luxury home stays on the market, the more likely there will be a price reduction.

Higher Sales Price
The better a home in Miami Beach shows, the more it will probably sell for. For example, we recently sold a beautifully staged Art Deco era waterfront home on Miami Beach's Palm Island for slightly above asking price. Although the home's exterior facade was originally built in the 1930's, the interior was ultra-contemporary and furnished accordingly.

Positive 1st Impression
First impressions are positive on staged homes, rather than negative. Our research and experience has shown that Miami Beach buyers initially make up their mind in less than a minute on whether they want a home or not. Therefore, curb appeal is key. After a buyer’s initial decision in the first minute, they will either confirm that decision or rescind it in the next 6 to 20 minutes as they view your home.

Ready to move in
Staged homes that are on Miami Beach's Venetian, Palm, Hibiscus, Sunset, and Star Islands appear to be in “move-in” condition. Most buyers today prefer homes where they can just move-in and start enjoying life without having any additional out of pocket expenses.

No imagination needed
When only 5% of the population can truly visualize how beautiful a home can be or see past the clutter, grime, and so-so appearance, staging becomes key to a fast sale at a great price.

Competitive Advantage
Staged homes in Miami Beach's ultra-competitive market have a competitive advantage over other homes that are not staged. This is especially true for waterfront homes that are in the most sought-after South Beach area.

Well Maintained
Staged homes give the appearance of being well maintained and cared for. This is the underlying psychological message that is sent to potential buyers.

Appraisers see the home in its most positive light.

More Showings
Properly staged homes are shown more often by realtors. It is easy for realtors to show property that is attractive and excites buyers. Well staged homes are always at the top of the list when it comes to which homes an agent will show.

Extra Showings
Homes which do not meet a buyers exact criteria, but which are well staged, often get shown anyway, because the agent feels that the beautifully staged home may be an exception to the buyers criteria.

More Advertising
Brokerage firms enjoy advertising beautifully staged homes for they draw more business to their firm.

Five Design Tips

"Before" "After"

Learn What You Like: Cut out or reference (use Post-its) lots of pictures from home magazines, catalogs, design and art books of rooms, d‚cor items, window fashions and art items that appeal to you. Most people can easily identify what they don’t like but have a tougher time pinpointing what they like. When you go back and review all your selections they should tell a story of what you like and what your room should be.

Define Your Floor Plan:Have a plan in place for the furniture before you make a purchase. Make sure you plot out the furniture in the actual space to be sure they will fit in proportion to the room; most people think they have much more space than they actually have to work with. Keep size in mind when you go shopping

Add Color: Keep the background color of walls and upholstered furniture neutral and punch up the decor with a strong color or two in the accessories, area rugs, throw pillows, artwork, etc. This is especially applicable to homes and condos that are located in multi-colored and bright buildings in South Miami Beach's Art Deco district.

Create Focal points: When accessorizing use large pieces that can stand on their own and create drama as opposed to lots of small pieces. If you have collections of small things, group them together so they become one statement.

Use Plants: Plants in colorful containers or wicker baskets can fill in empty spaces and add warmth to any decor.

Increasing Curb Appeal

  • Entry area should be warm and welcoming. Establish the right ambiance with colorful plants and flowers.
  • Create focal points that every buyer will remember about your home. Have several potted plants and flowers sit about with differences in size and texture. Pot plants in decorative containers that are attractive and complement your house.
  • Paint, stucco or siding should look clean and crisp. Repair any damaged areas. Freshly painted houses stand out in any neighborhood. Sometimes all that is required is freshly painted trim and fascia to update the look of your home.
  • Make your home appear larger by changing paint & lighting.
  • Landscape should be weeded and have an abundance of colorful plants and flowers set about. Avoid having too many colors, stick with two or three basic colors.
  • Lawn should be mowed and edges maintained neatly trimmed. Be sure to fertilize your grass so that it has a plush look, correct any brown spots and rake up plant debris.
  • Sidewalks and drives should be free of newspapers, toys, garbage cans, garden hoses, etc. Be sure it is all picked up and out of site.
  • House Numbers should be in good condition, if required refurbish or replace them to update the look.
  • Front doors should be striking. Paint a faded door using high gloss paint or restain/revarnish a varnished door to make it look fabulous. New front entry doors can make a home more stylish and completely change the look of a drab entry.
  • Polished and shiny door hardware is impressive. Check the style, is it appropriate for architectural style of the home. Damaged and out of date hardware should be replaced by new and current styles.
  • Squeaky doors should be oiled.
  • Be sure entry lights work and no broken glass panes or missing parts.
  • Door matt needs to be in place and clean. Avoid trendy mats with pictures and sayings. Keep it simple and plain.

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